Display Advertising the black art demystified

Client 455 asked us to assist with their Display Advertising. Client 455 is a brand new website who wanted to showcase their brand to a dedicated audience.

Start date 5th Nov 2017

Cold traffic -The aim is to drive new traffic to a new website

Results after 2 weeks

20,045 impressions with at CTR of 0.146%

Clicks to site = 35

At the same time we setup a re-marketing campaign with Display Advertising. Why? The truth is 96% of cold website visitors leave a site without taking any further action.

The retargeting setup produced a CTR of 1.27% at a vastly reduced cost per click compared to cold traffic at 0.146%.

The takeaway is, re-targeting works, once you establish traffic and set the process up correctly, the 96% of normal website traffic that leaves your site without taking any action can be coerced back to your site at a fraction of the cost and at a better CTR.

If you do nothing else, make sure you engage with your traffic and bring them back your site, re-targeting your traffic using display advertising in a structured way will reap profitable results. The icing on the cake is we have setup a multi channel campaign to reduce “Ad Banner Blindness’ and promote the brand as the ‘go to’ solution for this market.

We have left the retargeting on and have had considerable success not only with the CTR but generally the sales made on the site have improved as a result.

So, if you are not effectively retargeting your websites visitors you will be harming your chance of making additional sales or leads from your site.